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Update From Base camp -25-02-2011

During the second month of our expedition, we have to state immodestly that we are very well prepared with regard to our endurance. All 7 of us are fit and ready for operations and what we’ve done up to now in the mountain was in good style, without frostbites, injuries and other indispositions. Here, we would like to thank our trainer Zbyszek Borek from The Jerzy Kukuczka Academy of Physical Education in Katowice.Also now in the base camp we are in his e-mail care.We are fighting muscle catabolism. Unfortunately, it seems that muscles disappear faster than adipose tissue. In one of the tents, we have created an improvised gym. We have to do quite some isometric exercises. Assuming that 2-3 weeks of standstill are ahead of us, such activities are reasonable. Additionally, every second day we try to “run” on a moraine 120-180 min. bc 1. It helps us to survive long days of break in weather and it seems to do us good.

Polish broad peak,ready to push for the summit (Photo polish team)

fitness training at the Gym at base camp

Attempt to Astrand

Broad Peak 23.02.2011 Artur Hajzer reports: “The expedition enters into the critical phase, for those who walked to the base camp it lasts already over 40 days, for the helicopter group – over a month. It’s more or less the time needed to prepare an eight-thousander to be attacked. That’s also our case. Both the mountain and the team are ready. But it’s winter, so we need better conditions than we have had up to now. We cannot reach 8 thousand meters in unfavourable weather, which got into our hair and ill-treated us earlier during rigging the ropes and set offs to acclimatize and supply camps 2 and 3. At 8 thousand meters with such conditions, it’s impossible to survive; we already know that till the end of February there is going to be a break in weather: snowfalls and windstorms. The main difficulty in the following days, will be waiting in the base camp. Hopefully, without detriment to our physical and mental health. Keep you fingers crossed, so that the planned for March 1-5 summit attempt will be possible. Greetings from the base camp,


The Entire Team Ready to march out to the summit!