{Grfried Goeshcl}since some days we have to face typical Himalayan winter weather, sky full of clouds, snowfall, strong winds and deep temperatures.
Last Sunday we reached 6250m although there have been clouds and strong wind, but could not find any flat place for our tent. After seeking for a while till full darkness we had only one choice, to go down to BC again. We reached it late, at 9:30 pm after 15 hours of hard work.
Since Monday we are sitting in BC now, waiting for better weather, Which is not ready to come. Exact five weeks ago we had our last shower. Nobody can imagine how we feel under these circumstances. Because a lot of freezing and hard work on the mountain we lost some kilograms of weight already. Louis is pretending that his thighs are helped now.
We have to say thank you to our kitchen stuff, and Muhammad Waqar Yoni Kahn. Each day they make great food, we have to confess that we never had such good service on any expedition before.
All my books are read. Many times my thoughts are with my family, especially my charming small daughters. Luckily our BC-manager Pierre brought a chess computer, so sometimes I can train my skills.
Although the weather is not better tomorrow we want to go up again. We will start very early at 4:30 am in full darkness at the coldest time of the day because we need to hack out with our ice axes a place for our tent from the steep hard blue ice, Which Will take some hours. But will come down again because the bad weather do not Allows a sleep up there.
Unfortunately the bad weather period will hold on. Our friend Dr. Karl Gable gave us a small chance of good weather at the end of next week. Charley knows how to activate our motivation J

Alex, Gerfried, Louis
Alex and Louis


Louis coming up to Camp I