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We had some sorrows because we did not found some rope we send New England in autumn in advance, nearly 400m that we absolutely need! We already thought that we can not secure the route till the end. Finally, two days ago, when searching for cookies, Louis found the unexpected drum full of rope. You can see it on the picture, we have a new seat too!
Yesterday, Feb 17, we climbed up again to forge the route. We Carried up some gas cartridge and one TNF Mountain 35 tent and after ascending little more than five hours, we reached our last deposit at nearly 6100m. In the early afternoon we (to be more precise: Louis) began to work on new terrain. Unexpected the ground was not getting easier but harder and harder.Therefore and because of the high altitude we gained height very slowly. So, in the cold, cloudy and windy afternoon we made a route finding mistake, Which forced us down again some meters to gain the right direction. Although we did our best we had to stop our work because it was getting late at 4:45 pm. Unfortunately we could not reach the actual place of our planned camp 1, Which Will be at around 6250m, (so high that we always call it “Camp 2”, the wall is too steep that it is the only place to build a safe and comfortable camp).Sometimes you have bad luck and make wrong decisions? In two hours only and in beautiful full moon light we reached BC after twelve and a half hours of hard work, little sad but still motivated.

Dr. Karl Gable gave us a very good weather forecast for Monday. Therefore we plan to climb to camp 1 in cloudy weather on Sunday to continue the route as high as possible on Monday.Latest on Wednesday when we come down again to BC, or Wednesday you will get news from the ABC team.