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Louise climbing the last hard Pitch

(Gerfried Gochl) In the winter, but good weather, we climbed yesterday, Tuesday, back in the steep south wall of the Hidden Peak.
An icy breakfast at 5:00 followed by a clock start 1:20 hours later. Our backpacks expressed normally heavy on our shoulders. Unfortunately, our first few days were fixed ropes laid buried under wind-packed snow. It is an extremely heavy, leaching and nerve-racking work, the rope out of the snow to break out. Such slowed our ascent we were able to clock on at 11:00 am our last depot to reach 5800m.

We quickly rolled out the first pitch and Louis went ahead. No one can imagine how much one with the icy temperatures cool off at the fuse as before after about one and a half hours finally can rise further. This procedure is then repeated several times. Louis met this afternoon the most difficult climbing sections in brittle rock and 70 ° steep ice. Alex and I followed with the fixed ropes on the back, we carried over 20 kg each.
Finally we finished at 16:00 clock to nearly 6100m the working day, left at the last backup as more than 1000 meters of rope for the further advancement and roped us off rapidly. In complete darkness, accompanied only by the faint moonlight, we arrived twelve hours after we left exhausted but happy, the base camp.

Today we took advantage of the much-needed regeneration, because tomorrow we are early in the morning, motivated by a very good weather forecast by our friend Dr. Charles Gable, rise again to finally set up our first camp at 6300m awaited.
With warm regards from the base camp of the Hidden Peak

Alex and Loise (Photo Gerfried )


Gerfried Belaying Louis

Louis climbing the steep wall

Louis at the top point of the day,