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Using the good weather yesterday, February 10, 2011, we started from BC early in the morning in freezing – 25°C. Even carrying big loads we felt that our body already gained some acclimatiza

Louis “Mr. Ice” Rousseau leading a hard pitch(photo Gerfried Goschels)

tion. We reached our last depot at around 5600m after fast 3 hours of approach. We worked hard on the route till 2 p.m., when strong wind and freezing temperatures forced us to go back to BC. Because of the technical difficulties we only could reach 5800m, but left there 900m of New England Rope for the next ascent.
Because of bad weather and forecasted snowfall now we have to wait some days, but we will use the time for recuperation and upgrade our base camp setup. Maybe the first wash of our body after 3 weeks and a shave will be accomplished.
As soon we get better weather forecast from Dr. Karl Gabl we will go up again. Now we want to get the chance to say a hearty thank you to Charly for his great effort and his big help. He is like an additional, very important member of our small group.
As soon there is news of us, the ABC-Team, you will find it here!

Alex (photo Gerfried site)

Gerfried and Alex coming up the steep colouir(Photo Grefried site)

source:Gerfried Goschl.at