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When we arrived last Friday for the first time the base of the wall of the Hidden Peak, we had the whole weekend including Monday to fight for our base camp. Severe winter storms well over 100km / h ripped away most of our tents. Only by specific, lengthy additional security measures we could secure the survival of the base camp. After a good weather forecast for Tuesday by Dr. Karl Gabl we broke yesterday (8.2.) On a first serious attempt. In painstaking work we fixed the route up to 5600m where we left a bag with 500m rope and fixing material.Among other things, we worked around the central couloir of the south wall very tricky, a vertical 10m high rock wall. Pleased we reached after about 9 hours of work in the dark, the base camp.
It’s a great feeling once again to enter new territory on an eight-meter peaks. The technical difficulties at the bottom of our route on Hidden Peak are comparable with the British route on the south wall of Shisha Pangma or Kinshofer route on Nanga Parbat. overcome such difficulties in the winter is again another dimension of high altitude mountaineering.
In the upper part of our planned route, between 5900m and 6800m, waiting for us steep and exposed bare ice, the Fixierarbeit be more difficult.

Thursday morning, according to Charles Gable a good day, like Louis, Alex and I drive the route up to 6100m, our planned camp 1.
I will probably use the first time on the mountain Spot Messenger, so interested parties can follow our climb live.

With warm regards from the base camp of the Hidden Peak
Gerfried Göschl

n Peak last Friday for fixing 200m, we had to fight the whole weekend, even during the night, to save our base camp. A terrible winter storm with more than 100 Km / h nearly destroyed our tents. (We will send a video of the storm). We received good weather forecast for Tuesday from Dr. Karl Gabl so we went up to the mountain again.And yesterday, we work hard in, fix the route until 5600m where we left a bag with 500m of 6mm rope New England and some fixing / climbing material. After more than 9 hours of work, we reach BC during the night.

It was once again the greatest feeling to climb on new ground untouched on an 8000m peak.The technical difficulties of the lower part of this route, you can compare with the British route on Shisha Pangma and the Kinshofer route on Nanga Parbat. Of course, seeking to climb harder difficulties in winter add a dimension to climb high in altitude. In the upper part of our planed, route between 5900m and 6800m, we have to expect steep and exposed blue ice hard Which will make the fixing work very difficult.
Recommended by Charles Gable, tomorrow, hopefully in good weather Louis, Alex and me want to force the route until around 6100m where we want to establish our Camp 1 Next time that we go up, I want to bring the spot messenger So that everybody will be able to see us live on the mountain.

Louis rousseau (photo Gerfried blog)

Alex Txikon

Gerfried Goschler