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“Caterpillar” continue to go uphill

Today a four-person team (Artur, Marcin, Robert and Krzychu) has left the Base Camp and reached C1; ropes and the camp turned out to be in a good condition and after a couple of hours of fight they are safe and full of optimism in C1.Tomorrow, despite the prognosed one-day break in weather, the “Caterpillar” will continue to go uphill. The four-person team is supposed to reach C2, and three of us (Rafał, Jarek and Piotr) will set off towards C1. The aim is to establish C3 and stay there overnight (7,200 m above sea level). The first group plans to be back in the Base Camp on Friday. Another break in weather is prognosed for Saturday, so the second group is supposed to reach C3 on Friday afternoon and there we will make up our minds whether we go down right after reaching C3 or stay there for a night.

May the force be with us. Let’s go for it!

Greetings to All
Rafał Fronia

source:polish winter site