Gerfried and his comrade Berg’s fine, they are after a stormy night at base camp. Wind speeds around the 120 km / h they could not sleep. Although bad weather was forecast that the storm would sweep but in such a violence on the tents, so that no one expected. Today, Gerfried and co failed to make up the sleep and mainly determine whether important material is missing.

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Gerfried and his team-mates are well, but have been quite shaken last night. A violent storm blew snow all night long and so strong, nobody was able to sleep. They knew that bad weather was coming their way, but had no idea it was going to be that intense. Fortunately the North Face dorm tent held up fine and Louis and Alex had the good sense to anchor the mess tent with old bamboo poles two days ago. Today is a rest day, since no one was able to get any sleep and they will walk around to make sure nothing important was blown away