After only seven days and 120 km walk, the climbers are busy with the final build up their base camp. When night temperatures around minus 25 degrees with a proper insulation mats is essential. Currently, the generator does not yet work, so the tomorrow still need to solve problems. But on Thursday (3.2.) Gerfried & Co want to inspect their chosen one route for the first time, provided Karl Gabl of the weather station Innsbruck green light there. A special thanks to the institutions that are responsible for the difficult march (6-7 h / d) worked for some bad weather so smoothly.

TV-Tip “Upper Austria Today” show on 01/31/2011 (satellite phone Steyr): The company Brand Spot from Steyr presents these technical tools, including the Gerfried while staying away from civilization are dependent. Today at 19 clock in the report “Steiermark heute” aired again!

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