Angela Benavides) GII winter pioneers Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards were unable to reach BC today due to a major storm hitting the mountain. They have however reached safely C1 for the night, according to RussianClimb.

GI team members Gerfried, Louis and Alex are on watch in Base Camp, ready to help the descending climbers if needed.

“Extremely strong storm,” Denis texted to his wife at 3:00pm Pakistan time today. “Very tough descent. We are in the tent in C1, drinking tea. We have no energy, nor time to go any further down – we are going to spent the night here. BC tomorrow. We’re OK.”

Descent in the storm

The weather had turned for the worse immediately after the climbers topped-out – shortly after 11.30am, local time yesterday; by the time they reach their tent in high camp, they were wrapped in a full-force gale. According to forecasts, the storm will hit the area yet for some days.