News from Friday – January 28, 2011


Our plan is working – Kaziu Kaźmierski, Jarek Gawrysiak and Rafał Fronia are already in camp 2, while Artur Hajzer, Piotr Snopczyński and Marcin Kaczkan are in camp 1. The rest is in the base camp.

News from winter expedition to Broad Peak – Thursday, January 27


Today Szymczak, Starek and Grządziel have gone from camp 1 /c1/ to camp 2 /c2/. They have made a platform and put up tents. Tomorrow they are going to do some rigging and go back to the base camp /bc/.
Kaźmierski went from bc to camp 1 – he sleeps there. Tomorrow morning, i.e. on January 28, he sets off to camp 2.
Also tomorrow, Fronia and Gawrysiak are setting off from the base camp to c2, while Hajzer, Snopczyński and Kaczkan are going to c1.

Plans for the next days:
January 29, Fronia, Gawrysiak and Kaźmierski are going to rig the route above camp 2 and go back to the base camp. Simultaneously, Hajzer, Snopczyński and Kaczkan are going to c2.
January 30, Hajzer, Snopczyki and Kaczkan are going to rig above c2 and go down to the base camp.
January 31 – Ali and Raza rig to camp 2, dig and prepare a platform for c3.

The weather is good. There is no Jetstream! Wind is blowing at 20 to 30 km/h. Great conditions for a summit attempt. Unusual winter. Karl Gabl hasn’t observed similar conditions for 6 years. Unfortunately, there is one BUT. It’s extremely cold. Gabl hasn’t observed here, at 8,000 m, temperature falling to -50 degrees Celsius. Up to now, -30 degrees Celsius at night in the base camp is a norm. All heating systems are working well: gas heaters and kerosene heater. Additionally, double mess tent is working out – it doesn’t let through exhaust fumes – so, we heat the threshold only with one burner.
Jarek got through with electronics – but there is no coverage. Twice a day a transmission group goes down to 400 m outside the base camp for transmission to a special satellite tent put up there permanently.


Jerzy Natkański
coordinator of the expedition
+48 606479579

Winter expedition to Broad Peak – account from Wednesday, January 26

According to the plan, today Robert Szymczak, Arek Grządziel and Krzysiek Starek have reached camp 1 and they are going to stay there overnight. The rest is in the base camp.