Since the day when the second group landed in the base camp, i.e. January 19, the weather conditions – considering that it’s winter – are passable. If the temperatures were not so low – in the base camp it’s -32 degrees Celsius and at 8,000 m it’s -50 degrees Celsius – the weather conditions could be even described as perfect. The wind is rather weak this winter. There is hardly any wind in the base camp and above it reaches ca. 40 km/h – Simone and Denis may conquer GII at any second now.

All teams went down to the base camp to welcome the second group that arrived. The second group spent January 20 and January 21 on acclimatizing to altitude – after all, they landed in the base camp 4 days after they left Poland. Unfortunately, they suffered from some health problems. However, the works on enlargement of the base camp and its operation were continued.

Clash with winter reality of Karakorum was painful for the second group. Sudden change to temperature as low as -32 degrees Celsius was a shock. Going from heated mess to a tent and into a frozen sleeping bag was quite a challenge. During all activities hands grew numb with cold on the verge of frostbite.

On January 22, activities in the mountains started. Only Hajzer, Kaczkan and Snopczyński remained in the base camp. The rest went upwards in order to finish rigging to camp II, transport some of the things and acclimatize. In the second camp a deposit (emergency oxygen and a tent) was made. In the evening all teams came back to the base camp.

To be continued after the rest.

Artur Hajzer

Arkadiusz Grządziel

Krzysztof Starek

Marcin Kaczkan

Krzysztof Starek

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