(By Angela Benavides) The climbers left the wives for a great affair –

Gerfried Göschl (photo Gerfried facebook)

Gasherbrum 1. Gerfried Göschl left Austria yesterday; Louis Rousseau – just back from Aconcagua – had barely time to do laundry before hauling his duffel bags back to Toronto airport; Alex Txikon is due to take a plane from Bilbao Sunday.

Gerfried and Louis will meet at Dubai’s airport Irish Pub; Alex will see both in Islamabad.

Already in the mountains, the Polish team is united on Broad Peak while on GII Simone and Denis hoped to pitch C2 yesterday.

That leaving feeling

To a climber, choosing just can’t be done. And she knows that to love him is to let him go. “It’s extremely hard to separate from my family,” Gerfried wrote. “[But] I’ve been dreaming of this project for so long. I can’t thank my wife enough for her tremendous support.” In his report, Louis had special words for his wife Candice as well.

The three have decided to walk to BC. In addition to GI, they hope to open a new route on Hidden Peak.

Broad Peak: All together in BC

The frontline climbers opened C2 and returned to base just in time to greet their mates, airlifted in yesterday.

The setup got approval from leader Artur Hajzer: “BC is close to the face at 4,850m and very well-organized,” he beamed. “There are carpets in the mess tent and inside temperature reaches +20 degrees Celsius.”

source http://networkedblogs.com/dlZ7l