First photos and walking group’s account

on the Way to C1 (photo Polish winter climbing site)

First photos and walking group’s account The expedition started up a satellite transmission and we received first photos and walking group’s account. “Plans for tomorrow include departure, by night, of Rafał Fronia, Jarek Gawrysiak and Kaziu Kazimierski to camp 2. The remaining participants go for a walk or rest.” Jerzy Natkański coordinator of the expedition +48 606479579 Dodał marek

c2 (photo polishwinter expedition site)

c2 (photo polishwinter expedition site)








All together in the base camp 21-1-2011

Yesterday, after rigging the section leading to camp 2, all four people went down to the base camp.Today, the group arriving in a helicopter landed on the glacier without any problems.

Upon inspection, Artur Hajzer, the leader, reported:
“Base camp is close to the face at 4,850 m, very well-organized, the whole nine yards. There are carpets in the mess and temperature reaches +20 degrees Celsius. Guys are putting up personal tents and preparing equipment.”

Dodał marek karnecki dnia 19.01.2011