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This Expedition has been dedicated to Flood Effectees of Pakistan.

After a successful joint venture of Pakistan Youth Outreach (PYO) and Satwa Guna to climb the 6400m, unclimbed peak, Chashkin Sar in the Shimshal,

samina Baig on Summit of Chashkin Sar

Maidur Valley of the Karakorum, PYO is now planning another historical adventure in the extreme winter.  This winter expedition will be the first Pakistani woman’s winter expedition in Pakistan women adventure history.  Samina Baig, who recently climbed the unclimbed peak, Chaskin Sar, and became the youngest woman mountaineer of Pakistan, will be the woman mountaineer from Pakistan.  The other female member of the expedition will be Jennifer Rawlins, one of the top supporters of Pakistan Youth Outreach.  Ms. Rawlins is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Also on the team will be Mr. Mirza Ali, team leader and founding president of PYO, Mr,Yausaf Khan is the technical ,climber &advisor.  Mr. Yausaf Khan is a veteran Pakistani mountaineer and former Army climber. He was awareded Tamghai –e-basalt one of the top military award,for his outstanding performance in the field of Mountaineering for Pakistan army, he climbed several 8000r,represented Pakistanin on different Joint Expeditions.Mr. Ali Mussa, Young,enegitic mountaineer is also part of the Expedition, he climbed several 8000r,including k2,two times up to bottleneck.

The team will climb Mingligh Sar, a 6050m peak, in the Shimshal Pamir of

Jennifer Rawlins

Pakistan, which has never been climbed before in winter.  The peak will be attempted via the west ridge, climbed for the first time by Mr. Mirza Ali, and named Thomas Johnese Leedert Route. The route is approximately 38 to 42 degrees and the technical level is high and requires a full compliment of gear.  The peak has a traditional route also which is the south ridge.  This peak

is famous among people for its nice ascent and summit views including a nice.

view of the Karakorum, the second highest mountain, the savage mountain K2 and much more!

During the expedition, for acclimatization, the team will also climb two 5000m peaks: Quz Sar, approximately 5850m and an unnamed and unclimbed peak of approximately 5700m.  The locations of the peaks are close to each other at distance of three to five km.  All three mountains are at Shimshal Pamir, ”Shimshal Pass”.

Yausaf Khan

Yausaf Khan

The expedition will start from Shimshal Valley, a frontier village in Pakistan, situated in the extreme Karakorum. It segregates the Pak-China border and dividing point of Central Asia. Shimshal Village is well known for its reputed high passes, rich culture, and hospitality.  The village is situated at 3300m above sea level.  The temperature drops to -20 C in winter. Having this extreme weather in the village, one can imagine the extreme conditions and cold that would be on the mountains in the massive Karakorum!

Ali Mussa

The expedition base camp will be established at Shujrave around 4486 m.  From Shujrave, these mountains will be attempted.  The expected temperature will be approximately -30 C to -40 C.

Mingligh Sar 6050m

A documentary of the expedition will be made for a leading TV channel and those who would be interested in airing it. The expedition seeks to educate youth about mountain sports and to bring  awareness of and promotion of women’s adventure.  The second theme of the expedition is to send a positive image to the world that the country is peace loving and everyone is welcome to explore Pakistan.  It is also our aim to expose Pakistan adventure potential areas; to show the world that Pakistan is rich culturally, historically, and that its mountains are unmatched in the world in the beautiful and peaceful Karakorum, Hindukush and Himalaya. These huge mountain ranges are heaven for trekkers, photographers, culture observers, historians, researchers, film makers, and mountain and nature lovers. The adventure potential area of the Pakistan Karakorum is the most beautiful and soul attracting.  It is one of the best tourist attraction points in the world. The roughness, beauty and fierce towering mountains are awe inspiring for all

Mirza Ali

walks of life and interest.  The variety of adventure has been experienced by many world class adventure lovers, trekkers, and culture tour makers.  It is our hope to also give exposure to Pakistan and its wonderful and beautiful mountains, valleys, glaciers, and to also encourage youth adventure and the top most objective of the promotion of women’s adventure.

The expedition will take place from 1 December 2010 and continue through the end of December 2010.